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Kangana slapped me so hard that i started crying: Adhyayan Suman


Everyday, we have something new to Kangana-Hrithik controversy. In an interview to DNA, Adhyayan Suman paints Kangana as an abusive girlfriend, who used to physically abuse him.

Here are some excerpts from the DNA interview.

My sympathies are majorly with him and his family. I can imagine what they must be going through. I am not taking sides or saying that he’s right and she’s wrong, but I feel someone should speak up for Hrithik. It doesn’t come from a space where I will be doing a film with him tomorrow (laughs) and I am sure neither is he going to produce my film, but this is for people who will start commenting on social media — I don’t want anything from Hrithik. I want to work hard on my own.

Adhyayan mentions multiple instances of physical and verbal abuse. “One moment she made me feel loved and then in the next, it was like I was a nobody in her life! I was standing at the bar alone when Kangana walked up to me said some actor at the party was trying to grab her a**… so I told her, ‘Let’s go.’ She went back to doing her thing. Later she came and told me let’s go right now. I was walking down the stairs with her, when she turned around and slapped me!” The actor also mentions that Kangana verbally abused him and slapped him so hard that he started crying.

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Adhyan also did some shocking revelations how Kangana did “black magic” on him, ” One day, Kangana called me at home in the night to do some puja. I reached at 11.30 pm as the puja was to start at 12. She had a small guest room in her apartment and she had covered it in black, including black curtains. There were some random statues of God, fire all around, some scary things (kept) puja. She asked me to chant some mantras, and locked me in. I was terrified. I didn’t do it and I came out and told her that I had. Then she started taking me to Pallavi frequently. One day, Pallavi said go to the graveyard at 12 am and throw these certain things. I was chilled to the bone! I didn’t go.”

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