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Kangana The CEO Of Anti-Nepotism Appoints Brother As Legal Head Of Her Company



 Those sections of  the  film  industry  repeatedly accused  by Kangana Ranaut and her  sister Rangoli  of  nepotism  are having the  last laugh as Kangana has appointed  her brother Akshat as  the legal adviser    for  production company Mankarnika  Films.

The move has thrown open the debate on nepotism in the  Hindi  film industry all  over again. We  come across many  production houses which  employ their  own relatives.And no harm in that.Every entrepreneurial organization  falls back on  genealogical  security to avoid financial  insecurities.

Ironically  the one producer whom Kangana has repeatedly called out for nepotism has  never employed a  single  individual from  his family.

And  that’s Karan Johar.

Says a  source  very close  to Karan, “He has been repeatedly belittled for nepotism. But how can he be accused  of that? Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra,  Varun Dhawan, Tara Sutaria and the  23-24 new  directors he has  introduced are  not even remotely  related  to him. Not even one of  his blood relations works for Karan Johar’s  Dharma Productions.”

On the  other hand actors and filmmakers from the outside who establish themselves , quickly fall back on their relatives  to  fill up key posts. Anushka Sharma’s production company  is run by her brother and now Kangana’s brother is  the legal adviser of her  production company.

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