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Kanika Kapoor May Face Murder Charges



Kanika Kapoor

The  Uttar  Pradesh government is not happy with the way singer Kanika Kapoor is  trying to   defend  her reprehensible cover-up attempt for what was  clearly a  health-hazardous behaviour.

After  she went  to the media to defend  her behaviour one is now informed that if  any deaths due to the Corona Virus  occur around the places  where Kanika Kapoor  resided and partied in  Lucknow, she  may be booked  for  murder.

Quarantined in a  hospital in Lucknow Kanika Kapoor   spoke up  about the poor hygiene in her  space  of isolation. The  hospital authorities  have responded sharply asking the singer to  stop  behaving  like  a  star.

It is reliably learnt that   Kanika Kapoor   issue is being treated with utmost seriousness  at  the highest levels of  the  Uttar Pradesh government.

 UP’s health  minister Jai Pratap Singh  who attended a  party in Lucknow with Ms Kapoor prior to her admission of  being infected is quoted as saying, “There seems to be a lapse on our part. I am going to ask my officers about how  Kanika Kapoor   went out of the airport undetected.”


Kanika Kapoor has  little support  in  the  Mumbai entertainment industry with  most of her friends  choosing to  distance themselves  from  her  unpardonable  and irresponsible  behaviour.

It looks  like  the Corona Virus is the least of  Kanika Kapoor ’s problems right now.

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