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Karan Johar To Plan Varun Dhawan’s Wedding



Among  the many hats  that Karan  Johar wears here is one talent that  would be unearthed  in the months  to come.Karan will be  planning all the details of Varun Dhawan’s wedding with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal  which friends say, will take place in November.

Says a  friend, “Everyone on Varun’s side  of  the family will be  dressed  up  by Karan. Some  of  the jewellery  will also be  designed by Karan.”

Besides  the  clothes and accessories  Karan  would also be  put in charge  of the Sangeet ceremony. “All the details of the Sangeet ceremony  including who would dance  to which song, would be Karan’s call. As a  matter  of fact he would be taking almost a month off from his work to play Varun’s  unofficial wedding planner,” says a  friend of  the  versatile socialite-filmmaker.

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