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Shah Rukh-Salman Khan, Friend Or Foe?



 It is  very difficult to decide the status of   Shah Rukh Khan and  Salman  Khan’s relationship.Are they  friends  pretending to be hostile to one another for reasons best known to them?

After their recent  display of camaraderie on  Shah Rukh’s  birthday  the entertainment  industry is even more  divided on whether the two are  friends or not. On 2 November when Shah Rukh turned a year older, Salman Khan posted  a video with his Dabangg team singing  ‘Happy Birthday’ and doing  SRK’s signature  move   in  a warm gesture  of  kinship.

The film industry  is  even more confused.

Shah Rukh and Salman have always projected a love-hate relationship .For  reasons unknown, Aishwara Rai Bachchan has  been a constant  bone of contention between them. Apparently when Salman was seeing Aishwarya, Shah Rukh not only  disapproved  of  the relationship  he encouraged  Aishwarya to break away from the allegedly abusive relationship.

Salman never  forgave SRK for  his alleged hand in his breakup with Aishwarya.  After the breakup Aishwarya was shooting with SRK for Aziz Mirza’s Chalte Chalte when Salman stormed  to the set and disrupted the  shooting. Because  of  this incident  Aishwarya was replaced by Rani Mukherjee in Chalte Chalte.

This was  the time when the  SRK-Salman relationship hit the lowest patch .Since then  theirs has been an  of-and-on  tuning. Mutual friends  have tried to sort out their mutual differences. But Salman and  Shah Rukh are  far too  formidable in their own right to  meet  on a middleground.

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