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Karan Johar’s Number Has Changed, So Hopefully Has He!



I was very surprised when  Karan Johar   informed me that his phone number had changed. Ever since I’ve known him he  had the same number. Crank calls, threats, taunts, blank calls…  none of these arm-twisting tactics   daunted  him. He saw it as a part  of  his  worlkload.

“If I pay attention to every taunt  and insult I’d  become  anervous wreck,” Karan had once told me.

 We  once were friends. I remember how kind he was  to my daughter when  she wanted  to meet her idol Shah Rukh Khan for the  first time. Karan not only arranged the meeting he also took us  in his own car to Shah Rukh.

In recent years we grew apart  for many reasons that I  wouldn’t like to  go into. Suffice it to say  the whole image  of the star maker  has taken its toll on   Karan’s  consciousness.Plus that  talk show he conducts where  Coffee kam,caffeine zyada  hota hai and   which  requires him to bitch   everyone out…. I feel the  focus has  willy-nilly moved   away  from what  Karan’s   main vocation mentioned on his passport.

Filmmaker kam, socialite zyada, that’s what Karan  Johar  had  lately become. I think the  Sushant Singh Rajput episode has changed Karan’s approach to his work-place forever. Rather than form personal relationships with a  handful of  handpicked stars(Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt, Kareena & Karisma Kapoor—but not Saif Ali Khan, Kajol—but not  Ajay Devgan, Varun Dhawan—but not  his brother  Rohit, Siddharth Malhotra, Janhvi Kapoor but not Sara Ali Khan, Gauri Khan—but not Shah  Rukh, Twinkle  Khanna  but not her  husband Akshatr Kumar) Karan  will  have to expand his horizons  and those bitching session which made  outsiders like me very  uncomfortable, must stop.

The truth is , Karan and  his friends  don’t spare anyone. Some time ago , Kajol had stopped speaking to  Karan because  he  was heard  carping cattily against  her husband.

Sushant  Singh Rajput was  never a favourite at the Dharma catty parties.  But that  doesn’t mean  Karan   Johar sabotaged  his career.   No. The  one whose career  got sabotaged is  Priyanka Chopra.  But that’s  story , some other time.

   One  seemingly innocuous message after Sushant’s death   expressing regret  about not  keeping in touch with the actor, turned Karan into everybody’s favourite dartboard. I heard he has  lost “followers”  by lakhs.

Good!  Use this opportunity to get  rid of the extra baggage. Cleanse your soul, Karan,   and start  afresh.Make your  children  proud.At the end  of the day, they are all  you have. Make the  films that they will see and  appreciate when they  grow up.You have so much  power.  Don’t  use it to meow. Use it to roar.

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