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Why Is Mahesh Bhatt Not Speaking Up?



There are some  terrible insinuations and innuendos  being spread about veteran  filmmaker  Mahesh Bhatt and Sushant Singh  Rajput’s  girlfriend  actress Rhea Chakraborty. Apparently Bhatt Saab shares  a  very warm  rapport with  Rhea and she looks up to him  for advice. In fact when Sushant’s depression amplified  , sources say  it  was Bhatt who advised her to quit the relationship .

 Now  pictures  of Rhea cuddling up with  Bhatt Saab are being spread across the  internet  implying that there  was  more to their  closeness than meets  the eye.

 Rubbishing these monstrous  rumours a source very close to  Mahesh Bhatt protests,“Yeh saraasar  shaitani hai(this is pure mischief). Of course Bhatt Saab is an affectionate man. He treats Rhea the same way as his daughter Alia. To insinuate something dirty  into their  bonding is a not only morally reprehensible  but also extremely slanderous.”

Sources say  Mahesh Bhatt and his family plan to  take very serious action against  these defamatory suggestions .

“It’s all very well for Sushant’s  followers to  vent their rage at  anyone they can think  of. But Bhatt Saab has his reputation as a filmmaker  of 50 years to protect. Everyone knows who is orchestrating this smear campaign against  Bhatt Saab . This  person has  an axe to grind against both Bhatt Saab and his daughter Alia. But they won’t sit quietly taking the dirty potshots any longer. Elaborate defamation  suits are  on  the way,” says an  informed source.

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