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Karanvir Bohra Will Shock You In His Next



The film is  Called Qutub Minar, and that’s the name  given to the  hero of  the  film KaranvirBohra who  suffers  from  macro-phallus, a  condition where the  reproductive  organ is  unnaturally large.

Bohra’s  character   suffers  endless taunts for his  condition. Bravely  the  young actor   has gone into a  territory which  most  of his peers would shy away from.

“Yahan par if  an actor plays  gay,  people  make  presumption  on his real-life sexual  orientation. The same goes for  any  affliction. It  was brave  of Karanvir to take  up such a controversial role where  a large part  of  the dialogue  will converge on the unusual  size  of one  part  of the anatomy,” says an informed  source.

The  last time  an actor played a  man with  an unusually  over-sized  reproductive  organ was Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

 With a  close cropped haircut and  lean gaunt  physique, Karanveer  is  looking very different these days.

  He explains, “The  look  is for  a film that I’m doing called  Qutub Minar.It’s a very interesting story I play a  character  with  a rare disorder . It’s a father-son story where the terrific Sanjay Mishra  protects his  son  from  ridicule  and  taunts.”

Karanvir  has  become  a big  Sanjay Mishra fan.  “He looks   after every actor. He says this subject  has not  been  tried  in cinema from any part  of the world. I’m blessed  to be working with Sanjayji.”

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