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Karanvir Vohra: “I’ve Put My Life’s Savings In Casino”



Television’s hotshot Karanvir Vohra makes his  digital debut this  Friday  with the  series  entitled  Casino.

Karanvir   who is enjoying the current lockdown with his twin daughters and wife says  he has put his all , and then some more,  into his first  webseries. “I didn’t want my digital debut to fall short by any standard. Since I’ve produced Casino  in partnership  with my friend Hardik Gajjar,we’ve spared no  expenses. I’ve put all of my life’s savings into  ensuring my web debut is every bit as up-market as any feature film.”

Casino  true to its  name, is  set largely in a casino. “I play a young entrepreneur who  inherits his father’s  business after the older man’s death. I also inherit my  father’s mistress played by Mandana  Karimi.My father   is   played by Sudhanshu  Pandey .We wanted  a goodlooking series with a goodlooking cast.We didn’t want  the audience to say for even a second that they were watching something  tacky.”

Karanvir wanted  to  shoot  the casino  sequences  in Nepal. “But we  were unable to  get permission to shoot in  the casinos  of Nepal. So we  built a casino set  in Film City  Mumbai. Believe me,no one  will be able to tell it isn’t  a real casino.”

The popular television actor is rapturously excited  about his digital  debut.  “We’ve shot it  like a feature  film. We’ve cut no corners. Nobody will be instigated  into  saying, ‘Arrey yaar ghar pe hai toh  kya hua. Yeh kya dikha raha hai?’ The one  lesson that  I’ve learnt from so  many  years  in  the  entertainment   industry is,  never take the audience for granted,  no matter what the  size  of  the screen.In this case, size  definitely doesn’t matter.”

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