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‘Kareena Is Irreplaceable”,  Debunking Rumours Of Pooja Hegde Taking Over



Kareena Kapoor

The  overzealous  marketing teams  in the entertainment industry have become  the  bane  of  the movie  business. They are paid  hefty  amounts by the stars who want to see  solid results. In  order to justify their bulky  paychecks the  strategists  and publicists come  up with the most bizarre  stories.

The latest  in this series of  WTF  stories  “informs” us that  Pooja Hegde has replaced Kareena  Kapoor Khan  in the sequel to the 2015 hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is  apparently  titled  Pavan Putra.

I spoke to  a well-informed source  who said, “The  title(Pavan Putra) is correct. The rest is  someone’s  feverish imagination at work. How  can  actors be replaced  when  there  is no  script right now? The sequel is far from reaching  the production stage at  the  moment.Replacing Kareena  with  Pooja is not even a possibility right now.One  more thing: does Kareena  look like she can  be replaced by  Pooja Hegde? Kareena is  irreplaceable.”

Pooja Hegde  a  topnotch  star in Telugu cinema has lately faced a fusillade of flops in Telugu cinema . She is  now  trying to re-establish her career  in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s Kisi Ka Bhai  Kisi Ki Jaan which opens this Eid.

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