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“Kareena Kapoor Is Part Of  A Girl Gang That Thinks Life Is a Party”



Kareena kapoor

There is  very little sympathy for  Kareena  Kapoor Khan and her friends Amrita Arora, Seema  Khan and Maheep Kapoor, etc  who have  tested positive for Covid  after a party at Karan Johar’s place.

 Instead  of sympathy there is anger at what  many prominent  persons in the  film industry see as careless and  irresponsible  behaviour.

A very high-profile  actor, very close to the Kapoor family says Kareena should  calm down.  “She should stop treating  life  as one big party, specially during these  tough times when  civilization is ailing.  Kareena is  an iconic  figure.Girls  look  up to her. Boys  hero-worship her. She  knows  she has an example to set. She also has  two children  at home to protect  from the virus that has infected the  entire world…Or is she  living in a bubble  unaware  of what’s going on in the outside world?”

This  actor feels Kareena  should stop treating  life as a party.  “Kareena belongs to a coterie that thinks life is a party.That’s a fine philosophy  to live by during normal  times, but not  when a pandemic  is raging  across the universe.What was she thinking? What were  her friends thinking? Seema (Khan,Salman Khan’s sister-in-law) too has  children , and aged parents-in-law at home.”

Another  source  very close to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena  says there is a clash of interest  between the couple when it comes  to socializing.

   The  source   who knows  the couple well says, “Saif is  seldom, if at all, seen at parties and social gatherings. He would rather be at home with a  book and his  children  while Kareena   loves to go out, be with  friends. He doesn’t stop her  from doing what he wants. He feels she is mature  enough  to know what is good for her”.

Apparently not.

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