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Kartik Aaryan Was First Choice For Imtiaz Ali’s Chamkila Bio-Pic 



Kartik Aaryan 

Actors  are thus known as that’s what they do: act.  Impersonate/embody/represent people who they are not. That’s why Akshay  Kumar, Sunny Deol and Salman  Khan and Ranbir Kapoor  could play Sikh characters  in Singh Is Kiing(sic.). Border, Heroes  and  Rocket Singh  Salesman Of The Year.

But now it’s different. Only a  gay man can play Freddie Mercury. I know  Rami Malek  who played him in the  Mercury bio-pic  was  not gay. But that was  four years  ago. Now if you are keen on playing Stevie Wonder you must blind yourself before auditioning.

Kartik Aaryan has just lost the opportunity to play  the  controversial Punjabi singer  Amar Singh Chamkila whose  provocative songs  about  Punjabi culture  were  often seen by  conservatives  to be an insult to Punjabiyat. Chamkila and his wife were brutally gunned down when he  was just  27 by unknown assailants probably  giving him  gun for his gana.

By the way  Diljit is 38. Chamila died at 27. But that’s okay. Aamir played a  college  student in  Rakeysh Mehra’s Rang De Basanti at age 42.

Moving on, Kartik Aaryan was  considered the most eligible  for  the  part of Chamkila , as  the young  actor is seen to  have a compelling connectivity  with the  young . Director Imtiaz Ali had worked with  Kartik in  Love Aaj Kal and  it was  a ‘given’ that Kartik Aaryan would play  Chamkila.

But  now it is  Diljit Dosanjh who has bagged the challenging role. Insiders  tell me it’s  because  Dosanjh can sing. Kartik Aaryan can’t.

We hear  you. Imagine  Jaya Bhaduri in Abhimaan or Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar  being told to  buzz off  as they can’t sing in real life. Hrishikesh Mukherjee would have just been  forced to sign  an actress who can sing  (Sulakshana Pandit??!!!)  and Lataji’s soulful songs in Abhimaan would have  been sung by  the  actress who could song.

No,I believe the real reason why Dosanjh has finally grabbed  the role was his  Punjabiyat. This to me sounds really alarming. By this  line  of  reasoning  Vivek Oberoi would have  never been allowed  to  play  PM Modi. Whether that would have been   a good thing or bad, is besides the point.

If Diljit Dosanjh is playing Chamkila what  about the  turban? Chamkila   was not a  Sikh. He  didn’t wear a turban. Diljit has very clearly told me  won’t take off his turban for a role. I  can’t wait to see how this “minor” issue will be  sorted.

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