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Kartik Aaryan’s  Monologue On The Ethics Of Journalism Is A Traffic-Stopper



Kartik Aaryan dhamaka

The one-minute teaser released  on  10  November  showing Kartik Aaryan holding forth on professional ethics,  as part of  the  promotion for his strongly-appealing forthcoming Netflix flick  Dhamaka, is strong on  rhetorics and not  annoyingly preachy for even a  second.

As Arjun Pathak the  star news-anchor willing to go to any lengths to get that  big scoop, Kartik gets into the  most complex  character of his career so  far.

Says director Ram Madhvani, “The layers of  moral ambivalence which the   character  needed are projected  in Kartik Aaryan’s performance.”

When Kartik Aaryan asks in the  minute-long teaser, “How low are  you willing to fall to go up in  life?” it is a  question addressed not only to journalistic ethics  but  to all walks of life. How low are we willing to  stoop to conquer?

 The  beauty  of being a star is  you can play  anything, and yet convey that essential   universality  of  thought  and action needed  to make  a character  representative  of  life in general.

Ram  Madhvani who  has done two remarkable back-to-back adaptations  from foreign sources , one featuring Sushmita Sen(Aarya  adapted from the  Dutch drama Penoza) and the  other featuring Kartik Aaryan (Dhamaka  adapted from  the Korean  film The Terror Live) feels his two  lead actors have taken their characters  to another  level where the original actors have not been.

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