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Kartik Aryan In Akshay Kumar’s Footsteps



Kartik aaryan

There is an uncanny resemblance between   Akshay Kumar and  Kartik Aryan’s  personalities and career.When I  speak to Kartik I  hear the same lack of artifice  and   pretence,  the same hunger to excel , a simplicity  of approach to life’s complexities,  a refusal to  speak ill of anyone, and an enthusiasm and an  awe at the  rapid progress  from an   outsider to an insider  in  Bollywood.Here’s looking at  the similarities that I have observed  in  the two superstars who made it without godfathers.

1.     Both  are health-conscious North Indian  dreamers who  travelled  to Mumbai with the dream of becoming superstars. Rajeev Bhatia  changed his name  to Akshay  Kumar.  Kartik Tiwari  became Kartik Aryan. That’s how their journey began.Both have a unassuming populist  personality that is  an appealing  mix of  the earthy and the  sophisticated.  Fans,  specially the  ladies , connect easily.

2.     Both are  incorrigible  ladies’ men . They love the  company of women, and the women love  them back. The  number  of women that Akshay dated  before marriage could fill a medium-sized  telephone directory. Kartik is getting there.  The  link-ups, break-ups, make-ups  and  shake-ups are  beguiling  and  sobering, to say the  least.

3.     Both  Akshay and Kartik  are  fiercely devoted to their families.When  Akshay’s father  was  alive his parents were the  centre  of his universe. Kartik’s parents  who  live with him  in Mumbai,are his mainstay .He  doesn’t move an inch  without their consent.Akshay dotes on his only sister  Alka  and would do anything for her. Likewise Kartik for whom his sister Kritika is  the  world. I’ve seen  the same love in both for their siblings.

4.     A  similar  hunger to excel and entertain.  Favourite genre  of  acting being  comedy for both.Like Akshay,  Kartik is now inching towards more serious dramatic roles. Like Akshay , Kartik wants  to  graduate from Anees Bazmi and  Priyadarshan  to Sanjay Leela Bhansali and  Deepa Mehta.I remember how excited Akshay was  when he was signed to play  the lead  in Water  in Deepa Mehta. That  didn’t  work out.I saw a similar excitement in Kartik when he  was signed by Imtiaz  Ali for   Love Aaj  Kal. Neither  Akshay or Kartik  will give up the quest to keep moving ahead.

5.     Finally they are both  in Bhool Bhulaiya . Akshay slayed the horror-comedy genre in  the first Bhool Bhulaiya film in 2007. Now Anees Bazmi tells me Kartik is  a revelation  in Bhool Bhulaiya 2.  “You mark my words. He  will make  a whole new generation of fans  with this  film,”  prophesies Anees. No arguments  on that.

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