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Katrina Kaif Is Determined To Make Her Marriage Work



Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif  who will be Katrina Kaif Kaushal  in  some hours,   was  always a home-oriented bird. The half-British, Half-Kashmiri beauty had seen her own parents separate when she was a  child. Her mother single handedly raised Katrina and her 7 siblings.

The speculative stories  of Katrina Kaif’s father’s presence  at her  wedding are  not  only  way off the mark, they are also offensive.

Says  a  close friend  of  the  Half-British actress, “Katrina Kaif hasn’t seen her father since she  was  3.He  separated  from Katrina’s  mother when she  was a child, and never returned. She has no memory  of her father. She doesn’t remember his face. She  doesn’t even know his whereabouts. While pandering to the insatiable appetite  for  news on Katrina’s wedding, the media needs  to exercise some restraint.”

Katrina Kaif always craved  for what she  described  as  the normal  things in  life. It isn’t clear whether she  plans to gradually  give up her acting career  to look after her  home and  kids. But her priorities have always been unmistakable.

“I want to marry and  marry for keeps. I will  do everything in  my power to make it work. I will do what  it takes to  be  a  good wife  a good mother whenever  I do get married,” she had once confided in me.

Now as she takes the plunge, one can only wish a  successful  and happy marriage  for Katrina Kaif. She deserves  only  the  best.

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