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Katrina Kaif-Kaushal Roka Ceremony Rumours, Truth Or Lie?



Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal

The  internet is afire with rumours of Katrina Kaif and  Vicky Kaushal going through  a  roka(pre-engagement) ceremony at  director Kabir Khan’s residence.

When  I  asked Kabir  about it, he chose not  to respond.

However a  friend  of the director told  this writer that Katrina Kaif and Kaushal did indeed  go through some  kind of a “pre-engagement  vow” in  the  presence  of Kabir and his  wife Mini Mathur.

“There were some  guests and  the  decision was   completely impromptu. It  was  not  planned at all. But yaar , Diwali ke mahaul  mein khushiya baat rahe the  sab(the mood was festive). Someone  suggested , ‘Why not make it official?’ So they just did a token thing.”

Incidentally  Kabir Khan’s wife  is a very close  friend  of  Katrina Kaif .

When she was working with Kabir Khan on New York, Katrina  had said to me, “Kabir, Mini the kids  are my family in Mumbai.”

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