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KGF Won’t Budge From Its Theatrical Release



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Come what may, Kannada superstar  Yash’s long-awaited sequel to the  2018  global  blockbuster  KGF, won’t release  on the OTT platform.As  the  release date  keeps getting pushed ahead, there is no clear or even hazy indication of when audiences   specially  in  the North would return  to theatres.

Says a source very close to Yash,  “They are  getting  extremely tempting offers  to break their theatre-only resolve.”

Though  the source won’t talk numbers, I have it from a very reliable  source that KGF Chapter 2 has received an  offer  of Rs 255 crores  by a  major streaming platform for a digital premiere.

“However  there is  no way Yash  will let down his fans by releasing KGF 2 on the digital  platform. If  push comes to shove, they will release  the South Indian version  in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil first and the Hindi version later  when audiences in North India  show an inclination  to return to theatres,” says  the source close to Yash.

To turn down such an exorbitant  offer  from the  digital platform  is  not easy  , specially when the  KGF  producers know getting bums on the seats  in theatres would be very difficult  for at least  another year. However Yash  is  a diehard fan  of his fans.Having made the commitment  to  release  the film in theatres only there  is  no way Yash  would  backtrack, no matter what the  temptation .

Yash once told me, “No matter  how long we  have to wait  we will wait to release KGF 2 in theatres only.If the audience can wait, so can we.”

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