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Shilpa Shetty To Be Arrested?



Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty To Be Arrested?

If  sources  are  to be believed,  the Shilpa Shetty family’s worst fears are  about to come true.

Actress-media influencertv hostess Shilpa Shetty’s may be detained any day.

The constant fear of being arrested has apparently prompted Shilpa Shetty to take  extreme preemptive steps, including  the seeking of anticipatory bail. However Shilpa , say sources,  is  “pretty  much  apprehensive” about  the law enforcement  agencies’ future course of action in her husband’s  case.

 “Though she  has  dissociated herself from those  business concerns of her husband which have to do with adult content,  her name  is omnipresent in  Raj Kundra’s  entrepreneurial  interests. It is  believed that  Kundra furthered his  business interest in India  through his  wife’s  celebrity  status in  the Indian entertainment  business. For her to now prove that she had nothing to do with  Kundra’s  business concerns  would not only be difficult,but impossible,” says  a source in the know.

Sources say  it is just a matter  of time  before  Shilpa Shetty is arrested. We can only pray  for her wellbeing,because   the troubles are piling up on the  this beautiful lady . The last we heard Shilpa and  her  mom were  co-accused in a case of fraudulence  in Lucknow.

In  the meanwhile  Shilpa’s sister Shamita whom Shilpa Shetty is  really close to and who has been  pillar of support during this ordeal has taken off  to be a contestant on  Big  Boss OTT.

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