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Lalit Pandit On R D Burman’s Dum Maro Dum In Apple Ad



Lalit Pandit

Music composer Lalit Pandit is a huge R D Burman fan. He is elated that R D Burman‘s creation features in the new ad for  Apple phone. “Dum maro dum being used by the new Apple ad is a wonderful thing. It shows music is timeless and good music carries on to newer generations!”

Lalit sees this as an honor to the Indian music industry. “It’s not only an honor to Panchamda but to all of us in the Indian music industry. Amongst Panchamda’s many achievements this  song has been adopted by the Apple giant in its new phone. This is something for  all of us to feel  proud of.”

Dwelling on the perennial popularity of  Dum Maro Dum Lalit opines, “First of all I think the newness of the song in terms of its composition lyrics, and music arrangement, made it an instant classic. The composition was ahead of its time ! It was a modern song with a beautiful energy in its composition and other musical aspects. Also Ashaji sang and delivered the song beautifully.

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