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Lata Mangeshkar: 5 Songs That Sing About Healing



Lataji Mangeshkar

Javed Akhtar is  among the millions who  believe Lataji’s voice to the therapeutic. “When your morale is down or when your  not feeling well, her songs immediately restore and heal you,”  he said. Here are  the 5 songs of Lataji that  are known to have a healing affect.

  1. Jago mohan pyare(Jagte Raho): In The  Raj Kapoor produced  experimental  film about one  anonymous man’s  quest to  quench his thirst  one  desperate dark and lonely night, RK needed a song for the climax where  the  thirsty  man is  finally  given water by a kind lady. In  a chat   some time  ago Lataji recalled, “It  was  a very special song.Nargisji was to  sing it on screen. This  is  the last time she appeared in a  film of Raj Saab. Iss gaaane  mein bahot shakti aur gehrayee hai. Raj Saab believed it could  heal the soul.  Salidada(Chowdhary) composition was  a tough one.I always suspected he used to deliberately  put hurdles in  a composition to challenge me.”
  2. Aaja  piya tohe  pyar doon(Baharon Ke Sapne):  Majrooh Sultanpuri  Saab’s lyrics  Kis liye tu  itna  udhas sookhe sookhe  honth ankhiyon  mein  pyaas…. Hone de re jo ye julmi hai, path tere gaaon ke. Palkon se chun daloongi main, Kaante teri raahon ke…are so steeped in  a feeling  of protectiveness. Asha Parekh who lip-synced   the song says, “This is one of  my most favourite songs  that I’ve  sung on screen. Bahot hi  khubsoorat  likha  hai .And R D Burman  has invested the words with such  a beautiful tune.As for Latabai’s singing her voice has the tenderness that can  move mountains  and heal broken hearts.So many times when my  I am  dep[ I’ve turned to this  song for comfort.”
  3. Lag jaa gale se(WohKaun Tthi): One of Lataji’s most  popular songs, an evergreen  with  an ever-renewable therapeutic value.  Said  Lataji, “I don’t know  what  it  about this  song.So many  people have told me it makes them feel better  on  a  despondent day.All I can say is, if my songs have helped  people to smile,then I’ve  had a successful life.”
  4. Jiss path pe chala uss path pe mujhe aanchal toh bichane de(Yaadgaar):  Manoj Kumar remembers  this Yaadgaar song  very well. “I had  a hit song Ek tara bole by Mahendra Kapoor. But  we  needed  a solo for the  great Nutan.This  was my one  and  only film with  her. We  needed  an outstanding  song where the heroine tries to  boost the  hero’s morale.Indeevar’s lyrics were  magical.Kalyanji-Anandji came up with an  outstanding composition .And who but Lataji  to sing this  song about healing? Unki awaaz  sun ke toh jung ruk jaye(her voice can stops wars).”
  5. Chhod he saari duniya kisike liye yeh munaasib nahin aadmi ke liye(Saraswatichandra): The  ultimate  song about healing, it is counted among the best written songs  of Hindi cinema:  Kitni hasrat se  takti hai kaliyaan  tumhe in bahaaron ko phirse bulaate  nahin/Ek duniya  ujad hee gayi hai toh kya doosra  tum  jahan  kyon basaate  nahin.  Said  Lataji, “Yeh gaana bahot hi lokpriya hai. Kitno ne mujhe kaha ki  iss gaane se unhe prerna mili hai(this song is very popular. So many  have told me that this song has given  them encouragement).”  Lataji  credits  the  words  of  the haunting melody for its  abiding popularity. “Indeevarji ne kamaal ke shabd likhe hain.”
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