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Lata Mangeshkar Generously Returns Ayushmann Khurrana’s Compliment



Lata Mangeshkar Generously Returns Ayushmann Khurrana’s Compliment 5

Some time ago Ayushmann Khurrana had tweeted  about his love for the Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar’s  song Saawan ke jhoole pade from the  film  Jurmana.  After her  long illness and  complete recovery Lataji has  reciprocated   by complimenting Khurrana.

Says a source, “Lataji made it a point to watch one of Ayushmann Khurrana’s films and then tweeted  her  praise.She was told Andha Dhun was  one ofAyushmann’s more  interesting films, so  she watched that.”

This generosity  of  spirit is   one of  Lataji’s many virtues.She  never takes any compliment for granted.And  she will find a  way to make her admirer feel special.

I should know. I’ve been at  the  receiving end of her generosity many times. I remember the first time I  visited her home. She was rehearsing for a concert in the conference  hall of her apartment.After every song she  came smiling back to sit with my friend and I while all the others looked on enviously.

 Finally  at  the  end  of  the  rehearsals she  turned with a  smile to me and  said, “You  wanted to see my room? Come let’s  go up.”

And she  got up to lead me upstairs to her sanctum sanctorum. For a few seconds I sat numbed with  disbelief and then quickly followed  her  upstairs.

On so many occasions I’ve seen her being incredibly warm to fans and admirers. I know of no other  celebrity who  handles  compliments  so well. Once a  young man from Dubai came to see her in  my  presence. He thanked her for helping him through his difficult childhood. “My mother passed away when I  was  very young. I couldn’t sleep without her lullaby. Then I  found  your lullabys. I can’t tell you how much  Aa ja ri aa nindiya tu aa , Dheere se aa ja ri ankhiyan mein and Do nainon mein aansoon  bhare hain helped  me.”

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I watched Lataji’s reaction to this unsurpassable compliment and many  others that  only she can get.She reciprocates with such  genuine warmth ,delight and gratitude. None  of that fake oh-I-am-nobody  modesty  that celebrities often display.

“Of course I’m special,” she says, “If I wasn’t why would I get the love of millions for  75 years?Who gets this kind  of  love and  appreciation?”

No one, but you Lata Didi. Nobody else deserves it. Civilization is blessed to have  you  . I can’t imagine what my  life would have been without  your songs, your voice and your inspiring presence.