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“Laxmi Aggarwal Was Paid Only 10 Lakhs, Deepika Hogged All The Publicity.”



 Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak  has turned out to be  disappointment  for all concerned, none  more so  than  the  subject  of  the  film Laxmi  Aggarwal , the  brave acid-attack victim who we are told is extremely  disillusioned with the entire  experience  of  being part  of the  film.

A  very reliable  source  close to  Laxmi says, “She was  given a  mere  Rs  10 lakhs for selling   off the  rights of her  entire life on the understanding that Laxmi would be  a  part  of  the  collaborative team  putting  together  the  film  and  the promotion thereafter.But once the  film was  completed  Laxmi  was  nearly left  out  of the film marketing.”

The source says Deepika Padukone could have  easily spoken on behalf of Laxmi. “She is  such a big star. When the producers  decided to keep Laxmi out  of  the marketing she could have put her foot down and insisted  on Laxmi being  the centre of attention. But Deepika  decided  to be the  centre  of attraction.”

Apparently Laxmi feels her story  is  yet to be  told the way she would  like it to be told.

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