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Lesser-Known Asha Bhosle Songs



Asha Bhosle 

Subhash K Jha’s Playlist Of Lesser-Known Asha Bhosle Songs

  1. Woh hans ke miley humse hum pyar samajh baithe (Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi, 1966):  Normally we associate Asha Bhosle’s timeless collaborations with composer O.P Nayyar with the thumping Punjabi boisterous Bhangra beats.But the two did create some truly pensive paeans to pain and suffering inherent in love. This song filmed on the exquisitely expressive Mala Sinha is a marvel of  composition singing and poetry expressing the ironic thrusts of unrequited love in a cloudburst of shaded shimmering images.
  2. Kabhi kisiko muqammal jahan nahin milta(Ahista Ahista, 1981)—A ghazal that rips open your heart with its anguish and despair,this little-known Khayyam compositions is also sung separately by Bhupinder.Lekin sorry Boss, joh baat Ashaji ke gaane mein hai wohaur kahan?!
  3. Kabhi Kabhi Sapna Lagta Hai(Ratnadeep,1979)—Tum samjha do mann ko kya samjhaayen? When Ashaji articulates Gulzar Saab’s words she is not asking a simple question. Hidden in those words are an eternity of questions pertaining to love , commitment, compromise and separation.This love duet(with Kishore Kumar) is high on expression.Flawless rendition by Ashaji.
  4. Raat jo tuney deep bujhaye (non-film album Meraj-e-Ghazal with Ghulam Ali)—One of Ashaji’s most masterly creations. Composed for the Ghazal album Meraj-e-Ghazal that they did together, this number journeys into a broken heart trying to pick up the shattered piece. Ashaji’s control over aggravated emotions is nowhere more evident than here.
  5. Chori chori solah shringar karungi(Manoranjan; 1974)—R D Burman usually gave the more Indian classical songs to Lataji. So how did this startling bejewelled melody filled with mental and ornamental nuances get to Ashaji’s throat? The results are devastating, to say the least.Manoranjan had another startling melody Aaya hoon main tujhko le jaoonga where Ashaji scaled ‘nuke’ heights.
  6. Sapna mera toot gaya(Khel Khel Mein;1975)—That  R.D Burman and Asha Bhosle together revolutionized the way we look at the film song goes without saying. While they together sang some swinging numbers like Meri jaan maine suna and Duniya mein logon koSapna mera toot gaya is a rare song rendered by Asha-RD in the tragic mould. While Asha sings about lost love flashback memories of  happier times with her lover are expressed my RD.  Complex and accomplished,this is a vintage RD-Asha collaboration.
  7. Ummeed hogi koi(Dil Padosi Hai, non-film album with R D Burman and Gulzar; 1987)—This album featured a feast of masterpieces. My pick of the lot is Jaane do mujhe jaane do…a composition so layered and intricate only Ashaji could’ve unraveled  the mysterious of Gulzar Saab’s poetry so fluently.
  8. Main jaa rehi thi leke mann mein trishna(Bidaai; 1974)—An abandoned mother’s lament as she breathless her last and sings of all her children who have gone away. Who can listen to Ashaji in this Laxmikant-Pyarelal composition without bursting into tears?
  9. Yeh saaye hain duniya hai parchaaiyon ki(Sitara; 1980)—Gulzar Saab’s imperishable poetry about the transience vagaries and fleeting pleasures of success in showbiz, put forward with heartrending eloquence by Ashaji.This is another song of her astonishing repertoire that leaves us open-mouthed in wonderment and admiration.
  10. Pyar mein mohabbat dil jo toot jaate hain(Rocky, 1981)—Mujras and Asha Bhosle are synomous with Khayyam’s masterpiece melodies in Umrao Jaan. But hang on. This R D Burman Mujra from Sanjay Dutt’s debut filmed on Reena Roy begs to be heard , so that we know once and for all, this timeless songstress’ vocal prowess .
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