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“Let The Law Decide If Rhea Is Guilty,” Says Shatrughan Sinha.



  Like   many of us, stalwart  Shatrughan Sinha, never known to mince words, is horrified  at the  media lynching  of   Rhea Chakraborty.

“I don’t know the girl. But I do know that she was  close  to Sushant Singh Rajput. I want to ask  Sushant’s fans: do  you  think  he  would be pleased with the  treatment being given to her?” Shatruji asks.

The veteran actor  requests for a fair trial  . “And  by trial  I  don’t mean trial  by media. There  is a trusted and respected judicial  system  in India. Let them decide  whether she’s guilty or  not. The CBI is  investigating the case. Let them do their job.Please do not try to influence the  governmental agencies.”

Shatruji also requests   the  self-motivated elements  to  simmer down. “I’ve noticed there are  many elements  voicing their opinion  on the Sushant case. Some of them  haven’t been in  the news for a  while. They see this as their chance to become relevant again. That’s  really sad.”

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