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Lilette Dubey Plays Simi Garewal In Jayalalitha Bio-pic? Both Director & Dubey Deny



 The  new Jayalalitha webseries entitled Queen starts off with Shakthi Sheshadri(Ramya Krishnan) conversing with a  television chatshow hostess.

Everybody knows  about Simi Garewal’s historic interview with Jayalalitha on Rendezvous With  Simi Garewal where  the  supreme stateswoman opened up like never before.

 Simi claims that  Gautham Menon’s webseries not  only  copies her  conversation with Jayalalitha  , but that in fact she  was offered the  role of  the tv anchor on Queen which she says she refused  on ethical grounds.

However  Gautham denies that his  chat show  hostess  had anything to do with Garewal . “Lilette Dubey makes a great talk show host. She’s a great conversationalist and makes the interview very real. When you see her speak to Shakthi, it will hit all the right cords and make you live Shakthi’s life with her.”

Adds Lilette, “I wasn’t trying to play or copy Simi Garewal exactly .That wasn’t my brief either’

I knew this was an interview where the real-life Queen had opened up and I was trying to play an empathetic  interviewer .So I was trying to recreate more the spirit  of the earlier interview and the bond between the interviewer and the interviewee .We  were two strong independent women who understood each other at a deeper level .”

However  Lilette  doesn’t deny  watching Rendezvous With Simi Garewal. “I  watched Simi’s once only to get a feel of the vibe of the interview ,not to emulate the way it was done

necessarily .I wanted to create the spirit of that interview in my own way .I hope that came through.”

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