Listen How Sarbjit Was Killed Again!!!


Here is what Critic Subhash K. Jha had to say after reading some of the scathing reviews for Sarbjit

Listen here:

Here is what he wrote in his revised review:

I was tempted to fish out the early reviews of a  film released in 1975 which was condemned by critics for being “loud”  , “brash”, “plotless” and “over-dramatic”.

That film was Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay.

Sarjbit is no Sholay. Thankfully. But I firmly believe its forceful message on prisoners of politics and its persuasive emotional velocity in the scenes showing the imprisoned man’s sister’s and wife’s suffering, would be acknowledged in retrospect as remnants of a  truly remarkable cinematic achievement.

Read the revised review here:

Don’t Believe The Reviews, Sarbjit Is A Gem

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