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Love Aaj Kal Is Sara Ali Khan’s First Flop

Imtiaz Ali’s  Love Aaj Kal is  the  biggest flop  of  the filmmaker’s career. So steep was  the drop in   the boxoffice collections  on  Day 2  that  several multiplex chains were  left reeling under  the  impact.

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An anonymous  spokesperson  from a multiplex in Delhi  told this writer, “No  big  film in  recent times  has shown sucha steep drop  from Day 1  day 2. Love Aaj Kal  didn’t survive the week.”

The  most bewildered by the  boxoffice  disaster are  the  film’s lead players.

Says a  source  very close  to  the  project, “Both Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan surrendered  themselves completely to their director’s vision. It was, ‘Imtiaz Sir this and Imtiaz Sir that’. They  blindly followed Imtiaz’s  instruction even when  the scenes  made no  sense  to them. Both Kartik and  Sara were told they were  doing something they had never done  before and to simply trust their director.”

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At  the end  of the blind faith both the lead actors have been given  a resounding  flop in their  repertoire.

 Kartik Aaryan is no stranger  to  flops. He had  films like Subhash Ghai’s Kanchi and  Ashwani Dheer’s Guest  In London.Sara’s two releases so far had been hits.She has taken her first  flop very badly.

But the  most  badly hit is  director Imtiaz Ali who after  the back-to-back  debacle of  Jab Harry Met Sejal and  Love Aaj Kal  would find  it  almost impossible to put together another project for  a very long time. The  buzz is that  he has been eased  out of  a proposed bio-pic  on  iconic actress Madhubala.

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