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“Lucky” Alia Escapes Karan  Johar’s Bash Lash



Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt escaped  the Corona  fury that was unleashed at  Karan Johar’s 50th  birthday party  on  May  25  by a hair’s breadth.

She left for shooting her first Hollywood film Heart Of Stone  just days before the party with the promise  that  she will  return for a day to attend .

However once at  the  shooting in England,  Alia was  not allowed  to return to India.

“The  rules of  international  shooting are different.Once the team groups on a location  no  one is  allowed to leave.Whether Alia was  required  for shooting on  the day  of Karan  Johar’s birthday or not, she was not allowed  to  make that  flying visit,” informs a  source.

The travel  restriction proved a blessing in disguise, considering the number of guests at Karan Johar’s party who were infected by Covid. Imagine how calamitous it would have been for Alia Bhatt!

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