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Ludo Is Looking Like The Best Film Of The Year



I may be wrong. But then  during these  troubled times,  hope is all we have to  live by. AnuragBasu’s  Ludo is  looking  like the  best film of  the  year.  It  is  looking so entertaining I fell in love  with the nutty characters: the  bumbling kidnapper Abhishek  Bachchan(whose one  closeup in the trailer  was  worth  more than everything he has done recently), the showoffy loverboyRajkummar Rao(whose jig in a restaurant made  me  exclaim, ‘Jig jig jiyo mere laal’ ),  the   exasperated  crimelord Pankaj Tripathy(whose langorous criminality reflects a bored demeanour) ,the  nervous Romeo Rohit Suresh Saraf, the  professor  with Aditya Roy Kapoor’s body played by Aditya Roy  Kapoor…plus many many more  memorable  people flitting in  and out of the  trailer, leaving us craving for more. 

How are  they all joined  together? Does  it even matter? The  plot moves in an enticing zigzag sweeping us  into its accommodating arc. The  trailer  has so  much to say about life’s nothingness. It really doesn’t matter  if  it all makes sense  or not.

When  does  life  ever make sense? Welcome back, Anurag Basu. You are  making sense  after  a long time.

Trailer rating: *** ½

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