Maanyata Dutt Wants To Know About Her Role In Her Husband’s Bio-Pic

Would They Feature Her Item Song From Prakash Jha’s Film?

Raj Kumar Hirani and Ranbir Kapoor, the director and leading man of the Sanjay Dutt bio-pic tentatively entitled Dutt have been getting a lot of anxious messages and calls from Sanjay’s wife Maanyata Dutt.

The reason for her anxiety is the nature of her role in her husband’s life.

Says a source close to the Dutts, “Ever since Maanyata Bhabhi heard that Hirani’s bio-pic will tell the entire truth about his life she has been worried. Would the blanket of honesty also extend to her part in her husband’s life? This is what she wants to know. But Hirani isn’t telling because he doesn’t want to.And Ranbir feigns ignorance as to what the content of the bio-pic would be.”

Friends of the Dutts say Maanayata has every reason to be anxious.

“Before she became Mrs Dutt Maanyata was a struggling actress. She even performed an item song Alhad mast jawaani in Prakash Jha’s Ganga Jal. Would Dutt bio-pic which its makers claim would tell nothing but the truth, feature these dark truths about Maanyata’s life? No one is telling her what she wants to know. I guess she would have to just wait until the film’s release to know how she has been projected.”

Dia Mirza who plays Maanyata Dutt also refuses to discuss the parameters and impact of her role.

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