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Mahesh Babu’s Heavy-Challan Policy In Bharat Ane Nenu Triggers A Controversy!



Regarding  Government New Traffic-Violation Policies

In his 2018   blockbuster Bharat Ane Nenu, Mahesh Babu, espousing radical  socio-political  reforms , was shown propagating  heavy  fines for traffic violation. His  logic was,unless the  potential traffic rule-breaker   is  apprehensive  about heavy penalties he  won’t be careful about breaking traffic rules.

Now, beginning  on  September  1,  the Central Government has  increased  the  fine for traffic violation manifold, leaving  commuters  fuming in rage.

Many trolls  believe  it  was Mahesh Babu’s  idea in Bharat Ane Nenu  (fine traffic violators so  hard they wouldn’t dare  to defy again) that inspired the  Government.

 Defending her husband against  the  trolls, Namrata Shirodkar says, “The idea in Bharat Ane Nenu that heavier  fines for  breaking traffic rules  would discourage  commuters  from rash driving,  is a very good one.And if it’s being implemented by the Government we should be  happy . Instead  of praising Mahesh for doing motivational cinema some people  are  busy  lashing out at him, claiming he is responsible for a dent in  the  pockets  of  commuters.Any good that comes from cinema  needs  to be applauded. But in this country  ruling  passion is  negativity, not progress.”

Adds Mahesh Babu, “I’d always  try to do cinema that is  motivational and inspirational.I believe if I have a voice that’s heard by a large section  of the population then  I must use  it to make  difference.”

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