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Manoj  Bajpai Meets Laloo Yadav On  Film Shooting In  Bihar



Manoj bajpai

Actor Manoj Bajpai recently met former  Chief Minister of Bihar   Laloo Yadav in  Patna  to  discuss the  possibility  of Bollywood film crews being  invited to Bihar  for  shooting, also to discuss   the  possibility of  the  National School Of  Drama  coming to Bihar.

Manoj who had  flown down especially to Patna  for  the  meeting with Laloo Yadav shares the experience.  “It was  a  fruitful conversation. It is  an entirely different  scenario in  Bihar now  as  compared to  when  we  shot  for Shool  in 1999. Raveena  Tandon who  was my co-star  in Shool, came to  Bihar to shoot with me. The crowds were  scary. The  atmosphere  is  much more conducive  to  peaceful work now.”

  Manoj  describes  his meeting with Laloo Yadav as  fruitful. “We had a  fairly long discussion . We spoke  about the possibility of Bollywood film shootings happening  in Bihar. There are so many naturally  beautiful  spots  in  Bihar. We  also discussed the  possibility of  constructing a film studio  in  Bihar.”

 Laloo Prasad  Yadav  has always  been a keen observer  of Hindi  cinema. And  Bollywood  loves  him back. In  2005 Mahesh  Manjrekar made  a  film  called Padmashree Laloo Prasad Yadav in which Lalooji made  a  guest appearance.

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