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Manoj Bajpai: “Please Give The Superstar Tag To Someone Else”



Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai doesn’t enjoy  the  tag  of  being the  superstar  of  the OTT  platform.

In fact Manoj Bajpai is  deeply mortified by the  tag. “It’s  very embarrassing to be tagged  a star or superstar  or whatever. You please give  the  tag  to someone else.  Firstly, I don’t believe  in such tags. I only believe  in  doing my work  . These titles  are of no use to me.”

Manoj Bajpai remains  impervious  to the  ups  and downs of his career. “I have never gotten carried  away by success. Nor have I been bogged down by failure. I am  not here to make  money or  win awards. I am  here to act  because I simply love the process and craft of acting.”

Manoj Bajpai sees acting as not just a passion but  also  a job. “I am only interested  in doing my job well. Of course there are the  obvious  benefits  of your films doing well, and I’m not denying that. Nor  am I saying that the  money I make is  not important.I am just saying that talking about it is embarrassing  to me.”

So has his price  been hiked after The  Family Man?  “When you are part of a  series as phenomenally successful as The Family Man which is  a success the worldover,  of course  your salary  is  hiked  .I am no different  from any actor who is part of a successful project.  Otherwise  success  or failure makes  no difference to me.I will keep working  to the  best  of my abilities as long as  my  body allows.”

As  for being  called a  superstar  Manoj Bajpai again disowns  such labels. “I’ve never believed  in them. I don’t believe in such labels and  I  don’t deserve them.”

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