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Manoj Bajpai Speaks To Subhash K Jha On Coping With Covid



Manoj Bajpai

Manoj, how are you recovering from the  Covid virus?

My wife and I   are  recovering well, thank you. The  first few days  were  very painful and worrisome, Because the symptoms  were quite pronounced.  

For those out there  who would like to know what it feels like?…

 It is something I wouldn’t want  anyone  to go through.It’s not only painful annoying  and bothersome.the worst thing is  its unpredictability.  You  never know what  kind of pain awaits you next while you are  infected. It’s better to be cautious  and  protected than to  go through what I am going through. Follow the  protocol and  restrictions as much  as possible.

What are  your  plans after recovery?

At the  moment my wife and I are  resting at home. We are  almost entirely recovered. But  I am  packing my  luggage  for my  next schedule in  Uttarakhand  . I’ve to  go back to Uttarakhand  and  complete the schedule that we had to stop when Covid hit us in March  2020.I am leaving in the  next  ten days and I’ll be in Uttarakhand for  the  next two  months. 

Once that is over?

Once I am back I will  finish the shooting that was halted when I  contracted Covid.

Your thoughts as you  rest at home?

It is  frustrating to be sitting at  home doing nothing, just when  we thought  things were  getting back to normal . But  that’s the way  it is. We  are mere mortals, We have no idea  of  the plans the Almighty has  for  us.We  keep unnecessarily making plans down here when the one above  has  other plans. I want you to know we  love you and want you to stay safe  and healthy.

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