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Meera Chopra Is Deeply Affected by Sushant’s Death



Actress Meera Chopra is happy  about  Bihar’s chief minister Nitish Kumar asking for a CBI  probe into Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death.

“I so shaken by Sushant’s death that I’ve  somewhere  begun to fear for my own wellbeing.”confesses Meera.

She  knew Sushant and  found him to be  brimming with the life  force.  “He was a great guy.We would aften talk about films and his passion was just infectious.I would always feel more positive and energetic after talking to him. So that kind of person taking his life is just not believable.”

   Meera  feels  the  debate on  nepotism in Bollywood   has moved to another.  “I feel this is not about outsiders insiders anymore, this has opened up   a much debate on   power play  in  the  film industry and how it affects  actors who are  not  born into film families.”

  She suspects  foul play in Sushant’s  death.  “If it’s just a simple case of suicide, then why not let  the Bihar police investigate or better  still, why can’t  the two states’   police work in harmony for a bigger public sentiment  which right now demands  truth and justice?”

Meera is against  making Karan  Johar the face of nepotism  in Bollywood. “I personally don’t think its fair to blame Karan  Johar or  anybody from the industry. Its a tough industry, we all have our own struggles.”

Meera feels the  film industry is  harder  on  outsiders  “Yes it’s more cruel just by its nature because of so much adulation and fame involved in it. But Sushant was not the one to be daunted by a  uphill  life of struggles, he was much evolved than that.”

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