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Sangram Singh asks, ‘Why not Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador ?’


Milkha Singh and many eminent sportspersons have spoken up against Salman Khan’s appointment as India’s goodwill ambassador to the Rio Olympics.

But Olympian wrestler Sangram Singh is all for Salman.

Says Sangram, “Why not Salman Khan ji? He is a superstar not only in India , but all over the world. If his name is associated with sports it is bound to benefit all sports activities in India.”

Sangram disagrees with fellow-wrestler Yogeshwar Datt who has criticized  Salman’s selection for the Olympian honour. “It’s unrealistic and impractical  to ask ,why Bollywood  stars and not sportspersons to promote sports? The answer is very simple. Bollywood  stars are much more popular and they have a far wider reach than us sports persons.”

Sangram is happy as long as sports and sporting activities are promoted. “When Bollywood ’s superstars associate their names with sporting activities sporting activities benefit, as  hockey benefited after Shah Rukh Khanji did Chak De , or kabaddi and football benefit when Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and ArjunKapoor are involved.”

Sangram doesn’t doubt Salman’s sincerity. “If he has said he will serve as the goodwill ambassador for sporting activities he will put his heart and soul in it. I’ve been associated with him when I was in Bigg Boss. He really cares for causes.’

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However Sangram is not too sure if Salman’s team would allow him to do the elected work properly. “It’s the people around him who distract his attention. He is made to be involved in too many activities at the same time. But I am very hopeful.”[tooltip type=”box” html=”Input Your Content Here” box_background_color=”#eeeeee” box_opacity=”0.95″ box_padding=”10″ box_border_color=”#3F3F3F” box_border_width=”1″ box_border_radius=”0″ id=”88b6af99531f838ed90aed058b7d870a” /][tooltip type=”box” html=”Salman Khan Bollywood Actor” box_background_color=”#eeeeee” box_opacity=”0.95″ box_padding=”10″ box_border_color=”#3F3F3F” box_border_width=”1″ box_border_radius=”0″ id=”c1b465420d07c688942ed18eadfd9f92″ /]

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