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Mumtaz Is  Back In Mumbai, This Time With Husband




Yesteryears’ gorgeous diva Mumtaz who  now lives in London is in Mumbai again…her second visit to the city in two months. This time  she was  accompanied by  her entrepreneur husband Mayur Madhvani. He  has now left Mumbai  but Mumtaz is  still in Mumbai, to  catch  up with  old friends.

Kya  karen,purane  doston ki yaad aati hai.  I guess as one grows older one  gravitates  towards  one’s roots. I do miss my friends in  Mumbai in London. Nowadays I  miss them  more. I was  in Mumbai a couple of months ago. This time my husband was also with me. He travels so much all the time that I am mostly  at home all by myself in London. My daughter Natasha lives in Dubai and  my younger daughter Tanya  in Rome which  is an hour’s flight  from London and  one reason why I  made London my headquarters was  I could  fly to  Tanya in Rome in an  hour.”

But now Mumtaz is  more at home in Mumbai. “I’ve several homes here and  they are supposed to be looked after by people hired for the job. But you know how it is. I have to do all the  cleaning and  renovation  every time I am here. This  time  since I came  with my husband he had to leave  after a  few day. I told him I ‘ll  stay back. Abhi tak toh maine theek se unpacking bhi nahin kee hai. I can’t live  out of suitcases.”

Is the heartthrob from Khilona,  Tere Mere Sapne,Aaina and Jheel Ke Uss Paar planning to  re-settle in Mumbai?

“I don’t know  yet. Ho sakta hai. All my friends are here.  Mumbai is where my heart is. Although I have lovely homes in  London. Lekin yahan  pe mere dost hain,” says Mumtaz who threw a  party  last week with her husband for all her old friends from the film industry.

“It  was  so nice to see them again.We should do this  more often. We neglect meeting  friends and  then one day they are  gone,” says  the  beautiful  actress.

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