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Mumtaz: “Please Ask Mr Bhansali If I’m Doing Heeramandi ”




A  picture that  was on the  net showing Mumtaz with Sanjay Leela  Bhansali and Manisha Koirala has gone viral. Renewing speculations  as  to whether Mumtaz is  doing SLB’s Heeramandi.

“Am  I  doing Heeramandi?  That you will have  to ask  Mr Bhansali,” says Mumtaz with a laugh.

She admits  to meeting  SLB.

“We  did meet in his office and the meeting went well. But it’s premature  yet to say if I am doing his Heeramandi. This whole speculation business started when Manisha Koirala  posted a picture  of us together. But like I said, I can’t say anything on this  until Mr Bhansali makes  an announcement.”

Mumtaz is open to doing a film or  a series.  “But this will  probably  be my last screen  appearance.So I want  it to be  as memorable for as  for the audience. I  am aware  of the magic that Mr Bhansali creates with his heroines. Who  wouldn’t want  to be  in his film?”

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