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“My Father Wanted Ranveer Singh In Bio-pic,” Bappi Lahiri’s Son Reveals



Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri is much missed  by fans  friends and  family.  His  wife and children are yet to come to terms  with the  gravity  of the loss.

“The house feels very  strange without him.  He was such a lively presence. Suddenly everything has  gone still. The house feels emptied  out,” Bappida’s son  Bappi Lahiri , down in Mumbai from the US where he  lives, can barely contain his grief.

The  Lahiri family now intends  to carry Bappida’s legacy forward  in  the  best way forward.

“We  want to  curate  and  detail  all  the songs my father  has done, a tall order considering how  prolific  he  was , from Jimmy jimmy  to  Saiyyan bina ghar soona. There are  also  a collection  of   his unreleased  songs that we want to  release.We  also want   to  do a  book on him, the  side of  my father that  no body knew,” reveals Bappa.

 But before all of this, there  is  the bio-pic that the  family wants  to produce.

Reveals  Bappa, “My father wanted  Ranveer Singh to  play Bappi Lahiri in the bio-pic. We are  not sure if Ranveer would be  willing. But considering the respect Ranveer has always shown to my  father we would  hope  that  Ranveer would agree.”

Over to Ranveer.

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