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Nagarjuna & Son Naga Chaitanya Together On Screen



Naga Chaitanya

The  success of his latest release Love Story  has given young Telugu star  Naga Chaitanya  who  celebrates  his birthday today, a new phase in his career.

“I’ve never felt  more confident as  an actor. So  far it’s all been  a  process  of trying to understand myself as an actor. Only now  do I feel  I know  my strengths  and weaknesses as an actor… or rather, I am just getting to know them.

Naga Chaitanya who turns  35 on  23 November  is now  going to be see in a  film with his father  the legendary Nagarjuna.

Says Naga Chaitanya  excitedly, “I have done  a  film with  my father early in my career. It was called Mannan where  I had a  double  role. My late  grandfather  Akkineni Nageswara Rao was  also a part  of it. Now  I think I am confident  enough to  face my father again on  camera.”

Chaitanya  reveals details  on   his new project  with his father  . “Bangarraju is   a  sequel to my father’s superhit  film  Soggade Chinni Nayana  which came  in  2016. Bangarraju  co-stars my father and  I. The plot is slightly  modified from the original. A role for me  has been specially stitched into the plot   and then there’s some added   action too. It’s going to  be  an out-and-out   commercial entertainer. Because that is  what fans expect from  us.”

Chaitanya  says his style  of  acting is different  from his father’s. “While I prefer  a more lowkey style of acting, my  father belong  to a  different school  of acting. He  belongs  to that larger-than-life school of cinema for which I have to rearrange my acting chops. People think commercial cinema  is  easy to do. But I think  it’s very difficult to  attempt anything in  the  larger-than-life  genre.”

What are  Naga Chaitanya’s birthday plans? “No plans as such. I am  here in Mysore  for  the entire month  shooting with my father for  Bangarraju. I think a  teaser  of the film will be put out  on my birthday.  Otherwise  it’s  a  working day for me. And I’d like it no other way.”

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