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Naga Chaitanya To Debut On OTT With Amazon Serial



Naga Chaitanya

Naga Chaitanya To Debut On OTT

Telugu star Naga Chaitanya who  recently scored  a big hit at the  boxoffice with Love Story is all set  to  do his first digital series. Revealing details, Nag says, “I  have a webseries with Amazon Prime ,  directed by Vikram  Kumar. It’s  a  horror  series. And  I have a negative  role.

How could a nice guy like  Naga Chaitanya play an evil character?

Naga Chaitanya laughs, “I  will try.  It’s  a challenge. But the   fun part of playing  evil  is that  one gets  to do all the  things that one would  normally never do. We were to shoot it before the pandemic. But we  now shoot it  in December.”

Naga Chaitanya feels audiences are  more inclined  to embrace  the  digital  medium  now than they  were  before  the pandemic.  “I do know  that it  would take   a lot  of incentive to  bring the audience  back into the movie theatre.To a  large extent they’ve become  comfortable with the OTT and its unlimited content. My Love Story did very well.I am thankful for that. If  a film offers  the  excitement  associated with the  big screen, it will do well in theatres.”

Naga Chaitanya wants to play relatable  characters. “I want to  do more realistic  than larger-than-life films.  I feel I am more cut out for  realistic cinema. But there  is space  for everyone in this industry. Mine is the realistic  space. I am comfortable with that.”

Ask him  of his  forthcoming film, and  Naga Chaitanya  says, “Well, immediately after Love  Story there is  Thank You, directed by  Vikram Kumar who  directed my grandfather, father and me  in Mannam. He  is  also directing me in  my  webseries.  Only  a  few days  of shooting  left for Thank You.It’s a film pending from before the pandemic.”

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