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Nawazuddin Is Back Home With His Mother…But Guess Where His Children Are



Nawazuddin Siddiqui is  back home in his native town  Budhana  in Uttarakhand .

He explains, “This is  where I was during the lockdown last year. This is where I am now when the Maharashtra Government has announced  a lockdown again.  For me this is heaven. For stretches  you can only see green fields and  cows grazing. I wish my  children  Shora and Yaani were here with me.”

So where are  the children? “They were here with  me in Budhana. But  now  they are in my farmhouse  in Kasara near Mumbai  where it is  absolutely  safe. They will be there until the lockdown  is over and the pandemic subsides.”

Nawazuddin’s wife Aaliya had  washed a lot of  dirty linen in public last year, making serious allegations against  Nawaz and his  family. But she  has now withdrawn all her complaints  and wants to  give their marriage  another chance for  the  children’s sake.

Nawaz says, “I never said  a word on this topic till now. I  don’t  have anything to say  about this  now. All I will say is, this is a time when the world is  in a crisis. We  need to stop worrying about our own little world   and think about  people  out there who are  suffering and dying all around us.For once, let us  not think about ourselves.”

Nawaz says  the  current lockdown  doesn’t affect him professionally. “From 2020 to  April 2021, I completed  two  films Sangeen and Jogira Sa Ra Ra. I also finished a  major portion of my  brother Shamas’ film Bole Chudiya, shot a music video and  and sang  and shot  for a song  in Bole Chudiyan. I also  shot  for seven  ads.  This is  enough work for  the year. Even if I  don’t get to work  for the rest  of  the year I am okay with  it.”

Nawaz promises  some feelgood films this year. “Jogira Sa Ra ra and  Bole Chudiya are lighthearted  feelgood films. I am done with  dark films  about  gangsters  mouthing ma-bahen gaalis. This year when there is  little to smile about in real life I want to give audiences  films that make them smile.”

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