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Nawazuddin Siddiqui: “I Am Not Home For Eid”



Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

Reports  that  actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has headed  to his home town  in Budhana for Eid are  only partially true.

Nawaz has indeed travelled  to  his  native place  in  Uttar Pradesh. But not to celebrate Eid.

Abhi iss waqt jab desh corona crisis  mein  hai, toh kaun si celebrate karne  ki baat hai(what is  there to celebrate when the country is confronting the Corona crisis)?No, I am not in my home town to celebrate Eid. I am here to see my mother who is unwell,”  Nawaz  informs me.

The matriarch is  very close  to  Nawaz’s heart. “Ma kisski jaan se pyari nahin  hoti? I of course  love my mother more than anyone else in  the world. When I  got to know she was ill I  immediately made arrangements to travel to  Budhana.There  is  no power on earth that could’ve pulled me out of quarantine  otherwise.”

Nawaz who was quarantined  in Mumbai for almost two months says he has  no idea when he will return. “Who know where this crisis is heading to? I am already separated  from my wife and children .At least I’m close  to my mother now.”


Nawaz’s wife left for her parents’ home in Jabalpur with their two children  before the lockdown started on  March  25.

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