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Never Before: Avengers Endgame Tickets Sold Out Across India Within Minutes



Swara Bhaskara

If the advance booking is any indication, then Avengers Endgame is all set to become the most successful film of all times.

At noon on Sunday the advance booking for Avengers Endgame opened across India. Within 10 minutes the shows for Friday(April 26) were nearly full.

“We have never seen anything like this,” the manager of a leading multiplex chain told this writer. “We opened the advance and the seats just got filled by magic. No other film in living history has registered such rapid footfalls. ”

With the demand fast exceeding the supply of screenings for the Marvel movie’s final hurrah, muiltplex theatres across India now plan additional shows of the film, as last week’s big-ticket release Kalank shows a steep decline in ticket sales.

Says a source from a multiplex theatre, “We thought Kalank would continue to attract footfalls in its second week when Avengers releases. But just four days after Kalank opened audience attendance dropped by 60-65 percent. With Kalank being an unexpected flop the coast is clear for an uninterrupted blockbuster run for Avengers Endgame from Friday.”