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No Birthday Celebrations For Shatrughan Sinha…With Amma Gone

The unstoppable  sunshine giver  of the Bhartiya Janta Party Shatrughan Sinha brings in his birthday on December 9 with a quiet family dinner.

“Actually after Amma gone—and I mean  my own mother, as well as Jayalalithaaji—I am in no mood for parties and celebration. Besides , I don’t believe in celebrating one day of the year just because I happened to be born on that day. My advice to all my friends ,well-wishers supporters and opponents is to treat every day as special.Don’t squander even one day in futile pursuits and unnecessary squabbles. We never know. This day may be the last of our lives. Look at how soon Jayalalithaji left us.”

Shatrughan Sinha perks up while recalling the heartfelt tributes paid by two of Jayalalithaji’s staunchest  opponents. “The biggest birthday gift to me is the beautifully emotional condolences paid by two of Jayalalithaajis’s harshest opponents M Karunanidhi and M K Stalin. They may have been  political adversaries. But in death the disputes dissolved.And the two who were most vocal in their opposition to Jayalalithaa’s policies proved that underneath all the political bickering we all humans with feelings . I think we all need to learn from Karananidhi and Stalin. Whether it was Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav shaking hands or the many opponents of our action hero Narendra Modi, everyone must at some point forget the drama of politics and touch the humanism within.It’s the only way to heal humanity.”

Shatruji is also happy this birthday about sharing this day with  Sonia Gandhi, “I share my birth date with the very dignified strong and no-nonsense Mrs Sonia Gandhi. I want to wish her good health and peace of mind. We all tend to cross swords in parliamentary matters. But under the squabbles we are all good human decent human beings. I firmly believe we need to tap more often in  the reservoir of our decency. Like the funds allotted to Rajya Sabha members this reservoir of decency frequently remains disused.”


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