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No Madhuri Dixit In Heeramandi



Bhansali's Heeramandi

There has been  widespread speculation  in Madhuri Dixit’s  presence in Sanjay  Leela Bhansali’s webseries  Heeramandi on Netflix.

Fans  of the beautiful actress have presumed  Madhuri to be  a part of this  tawaifs’tale as  it is right up her alley. However, not everything that makes creative sense  is  likely  to work in practical terms. Much as Madhiri’s fans want her  to get together with her Devdas director again  the actress is  not  any part  of Heeramandi.

“The series was not even offered to Madhuri. Initially Sanjay Leela Bhansali did consider her  for one  of  the  characters. But  there was little  interest shown  from both sides,and the  matter ended  there,” a   source  informs.

However fans  of  the actress  have been hoping against hope that  she would somehow  make   her way into Heeramandi.

But sorry,  Madhuri is not doing  Heeramandi.

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