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No OTT Release For Raksha Bandhan For Two Months After Release



Raksha Bandhan

The dispute regarding the  time-space between the theatre and  OTT release  of new films is growing.

Apparently, movie producers are  in the mood to change the rules according to  the success or non-success  of  the films  in theatres. If a film does well in movie theatres, film producers wish to  exploit the theatre revenues  to the optimum and would like to hold back the  theatre release.

This  is not being taken well by multiplex owners  and OTT platforms  who feel they are being squeezed both ways by movie  producers: if a movie clicks the producer  reaps all the benefits ; if it flops the  cinemas and the  OTT bear the brunt.

One now hears that  producer-director Aanand L Rai’s  Raksha Bandhan which opens  for Raksha Bandhan on August 11,will have a clear window of  eight weeks before it moves from cinemas to the  OTT platform.

Says a  source,“Aanand’s  film about Akshay Kumar and his four doting sisters  is expected  to do really well. He is taking no chances. He has  a clear understanding with Zee5 that  Raksha Bandhan starts streaming two months  after  its release in theatres  on August 11.”

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