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No Plans To Introduce Taimur’s Baby Brother



No Plans To Introduce Taimur’s Baby Brother 12

 There are overzealous reports  in  the  media claiming  that Saif Ali Khan and wife Kareena  would introduce their new baby boy to the  media through  a virtual platform

 However  a very close friend  of Kareena  who is  also  a friend of Saif  shoots down this  news report.  “This is just desktop conjecture. Media  hounds know that  anything on Taimur’s brother will sell.  So they make up harmless  stories  about  Saif and Kareena  and  their baby, when in  fact they’ve decided  to keep Son No 2 completely  out of the public eye. “You  won’t see Taimur’s  sibling in public. In fact when he’s  a little older he  won’t be exposed  the public glare  the way Taimur was. I think Kareena and Saif have learnt  their lesson. The  more you give into media hunger for you children’s  pictures  the  more they haunt you.So yeah, Baby No 2 won’t be seen playing/painting/whatever,” reveals the friend

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