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New OTT Guidelines Dismay Digital Filmmakers



A majority  of filmmakers  in  Hindi,specially those who  are active on the digital  platform have  confidentially  expressed  huge dismay at the  new guidelines   for the streaming  platform  formulated   by the Ministry  for Information  & Broadcasting.

“This  means we can basically do nothing any more. Nothing!  Anyone can take  offence to anything that we show and we are screwed. Look at  those Tandav guys. They are ruined. They are staring at  non-bailable jail sentences,” say a  filmmaker who scored  big bull’s eye last year with a series  on the streaming platform.

A  young television and  film  director said,  “The new  I & B guidelines for  the OTT  platform there are so  many gradations and   classifications,  it is worse than the  CBFC(the Central Board  Of Film certification) . OTT is the new sanskari platform.”

This  director  called  back a  few minutes later  asking not be quoted,  “As this  is a political  issue.”

  Not a  single  filmmaker  or actor  active  on  the OTT platform agreed  to speak on record.

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