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No Prem Kahani, Karan Johar Laughs Off The Reports



This week  reports  claiming  that Karan Johar  is all set  to direct a new film  entitled Prem Kahani featuring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh turned  out to  be as bogus  as KRK’s  artificial  bravado.

I asked Karan about the  truth  behind  these reports and he  very categorically denied them.

A  source  close to Karan elaborated, “Karan  is  not looking at directing any project  at the moment. His  focus at  the moment is  on seeing the long-delayed Brahmastra to its  completion.  All his efforts are going into minimizing the  production costs as  Brahmastra  has gone  way  over-budget.”

As   for  Prem Kahani, that’s the  title  of  the Raj Khosla  1974  film featuring Rajesh  Khanna and  Mumtaz. Karan  is  big fan  of  Khosla’s cinema. He  may have mentioned  the film somewhere as being among his favourites.  But he  is  certainly not making a  film of that title.

So what  is  Karan Johar  directing next? It will  in all probability be his long-delayed  costume  drama  Takht featuring  Kareena  Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh  among others.

Sources say  the  current financial situation being what  it is, the original budget doesn’t work  out.  Karan is now looking at  various  options to go ahead  with the project including  the  possibility  of  turning  Takht into a web series.

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